Friday, June 17, 2011

A B C's cont......

And now to continue.....

E - is for energetic!
Like my friend Terri R. She was in town and we had a wonderful time! If you know me you might think I have a lot of Energy. I do. However Terri does as well. We both talk fast, move fast and laugh way too loud. That's why why we're friends!

F - is for Friends.
Humming that old Bette Midler song.
*Oh ya got to have Friends, the feeling oh so strong*
I always enjoy a good Bette song. Get's you up and moving.

G - is for Grandma!
My new favorite thing in the world.
Noah is rocking my fluffy blue slippers. How funny.
He is the sweetest. I love being a *G*

H - Happy.
(or on some days Hapless) Hhahaha.

I - Ideas. Too many.
The story of a creative life.
I'm off to make "napkin flowers" for my "Crazy for Cards"
gathering on Tuesday!

J- Just in case you need and Idea of your own be sure to
check out a few of my favorite blogs.

Fancy Melissa (love her)

Jeanette Lynton (amazing)

Lisa's Creative Corner ( I heart her too)

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See you next time!

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