Friday, June 10, 2011

The A B C's of ME!

It's been another busy month here at the homestead, We come, we go, we sleep, we eat. You know..just like YOU!
So I decided to have some fun and share a little project.

Let's do the ABC's of Denise!

A - is for Art! Well, duh?? I do love Close to my heART.
B - is for Busy. Again I'll bet you understand the "B" word.
C - is for my Cute kitty. She is a Crack up.
(Don't get technical. We're just having fun!)
D - is for Distracted.

Which leads me to share how proud I am of my Tara! She graduated from ASU in May (busy-distracted) and is leaving for Japan to teach English in August.

And that's the quick update! Tune in again in a few days and I'll be adding to the alphabet of my life!

Until then, Happy Stamping!!!

Hey! It's a great month to try out Studio J!!

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Post it on your blog or facebook page.

Send it as an email...whatever makes ya happy!

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1 comment:

  1. Denise, Congratulations to you & Tara both on her graduation. That is such exciting news that she is going to Japan! Japan is a great country. It is clean and orderly and the people are very mannerly. I hope she will love it!

    I miss you and look forward to seeing you at Convention!