Saturday, May 7, 2011

There she is....

Congratulations! to my darling friend Shannon Rozas (with her equally darling husband Darryn) on becoming the *Mom-Entrepreneur* of the Year! WooHOO!!
I met Shannon while networking last year and I was happy to be at this event to cheer for her.

Here she is with supportive business partners. I totally can't remember their names, but you can tell they are happy to be friends with Shannon and share this honor!

Here's some fun after the announcement.

Last years Mom Entrepreneur, Karen Nowiki places the giant crown on her head.

Not the best photo, but everyone on the stage are fabulous examples of women who followed their dreams and passions and are great Mom's at the same time.

My friends, Brenda - a former Close To My Heart consultant,
now an organizing guru and Angela - my Taxanista, so glad to have met
and even better to be friends with!
Women who do it all.
Networking has been such a great way to meet many, many new friends.
If you have a business and your looking for a way to "get out there" you should check out the mom-e clubs. Or any number of amazing networking groups that help you make connections.

Who knows? YOU might be the next Mom Entrepreneur.

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