Monday, August 1, 2011

Creating With my Cricut!

So here's my first attempt at my new fun learning curve!
Close To My Heart has partnered with Provo Craft and the Cricut Expressions
cutting system and created a cartridge that coordinates with our stamped images........

Gee Whiz !! and Wowzer!

A whole lotta fun!! With this one little do-dad gadget (the cricut cartridge),
you can create over 700 designs in 36 sizes to create thousands of designs.
It really boggles my mind.

It's a whole new level of creativity for me and my business.
So far it's kinda cool. I have a lot to learn about paper placement and
when to replace the mat and blades...but I think I'm digging it!

And now I'll finish up the Alphabet...never to repeat it again!

U- Understanding. I hope I am and I hope to be better.

V- For Value. I value my family. My faith. My health. My country. You get the idea.

W- Wonder. I wonder about things. I see Wonder all around.
I believe in Wonderful.

X- Really?? there is no word for me here! I even checked in the dictionary-
nothing applies.

Y- You. Thank you for reading my silly blog!

Z- Love those "Z"s.

See you next time!

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