Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No pride!

Remember my little alphabet??
Well, here's is the "P" for no Pride!

What a funny/dorky photo.
I love it!

*Q* is for quick! I used to be be quicker than I am now.

*R* is for rest! I need more now than is used to.
Could be related to that quick thing!

*S* is for sunshine! Love it!! Can't live without it.
I'm sure that's why the heat in Arizona is ok.
For me.
I need that Blue Sky and Sunny Yellow brightness
every day to feel alive and energized.

*T* is for 'Truly-Madly-Deeply". When it comes to love, what else is there?

That's it for today but....
Tomorrow I'll shout Hallelujiah! This alphabet will be over over!!

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