Sunday, July 24, 2011

Convention 2011!!!!

I arrived in Anaheim in one piece! And I was lucky enough to run into a good friend and Delightful gal Joyce B. We shared a fun bus ride to the happiest place on earth...the Disneyland Hotel! My roomie Bren Y. and I had a great time. I loved being so close to "Downtown Disney" and the fun shopping and eating.

After a busy, full day at *Leadership* I had a Hearts Delight team meeting! Almost every Hearts Delight consultant attended and I met a ton of talented, excited and amazing women. The photo above are the "gifts" that my team members received. Remember the cutting and gluing from my former posts?? Hahaha. I was a busy gal. Prep and assembly.
The story of my life every year *Before Convention*!

And the breakfast of champions! I love a Micky waffle. Yum!
I'll be sharing a few more stories and photos.
Cuz in case you didn't know....CTMH and *Cricut* are going steady!!

It's BIG biGG BBIIGG. Can't wait to plug it in and let it cut for me!! YeeHaw! I've seen the light!!

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  1. I like "going steady"!!! And thanks so much for my Convention goodies!!