Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sad Sad Day...

Everyone has a car or truck that they really, really love.
Not because it's fancy or super cool.
But because it has a story. A memory. A legacy.

This truck is my Dad's fishin' truck. Nothing fancy or high tech here.
Windows that required elbow grease.
A radio with AM and FM stations. No power nothing. Just for fishin'.

I have loved driving this funky little truck for almost 10 years.
It embarrassed my kids. Not a very groovy ride.
It only had room for two. No party time here.
But, it was paid for and the insurance was low.

It was great for moving and hauling and taking all my extra stuff to Goodwill.

Sadly, my little truck will be towed away today after a small accident.
Yes, my little truck is a total loss.

It belonged to my Dad and I knew I was lucky to get to drive it.
It wasn't fancy. It didn't go very fast. And it was sweetly goofy looking.

My Dad passed away in May of 2002.
I bought his fishin' truck from my Mom.
Mid-forties and I was buying my very first vehicle all by myself.
No husband. No co-signer. I was a grown up.

I'll never be able to replace the "golden chariot".
It's been the best little truck a girl could have.
I'll miss it so, so much.
Rest in Peace Daddy. And thanks for keeping me and the kids safe.


  1. Denise, I love your blog! All of your artwork is beautiful! I also want to say thank you again for the gift of products you gave me at the Leadershare event in San Diego a few months ago. I sure enjoyed meeting you that day. I get the feeling you've had an amazing career with CTMH. I'm sorry too about your little truck. The first time I bought a vehicle all by myself was in 1987 and 3 years later it had the same fate as your little truck so I know the sadness you felt when this happened, it's like an era has ended! Happy New Year! Patty Smith, CTMH Consultant, Santee, CA